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The Results are in… The Killray Casts: Justice League

September 5, 2013


In our first installment of The Killray Casts we got together to discuss our picks for the ideal cast of a Justice League movie.  At the end of the article we gave you, the reader a chance to decide who your choices would be.  The polls are closed and the results are in.  Here are your picks for Justice League:

Martian Manhunter

Winner:  Idris Elba  (47.83%)

Martian Manhunter - Copy


Winner:  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau  (37.5%)

Aquaman - Copy


Winner:  Ryan Gosling  (45%)


Green Lantern

Winner:  Chris Pine  (55%)

Green Lantern - Copy

Wonder Woman

Winner:  Gina Carano  (70%)

Wonder Woman - Copy


Winner:  Michael Fassbender  (68.18%)

Batman - Copy - Copy


Winner:  Jon Hamm  (47.62%)



Winner:  Ian McShane  (57.14%)

Darkseid - Copy

Make sure to check back for the next The Killray Casts where we will be taking on another comic book property- The Fantastic 4.

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